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We at Basements-R-Us are dedicated to giving you total customer satisfaction. 
We’ll meet your every need with:

  • Professional Remodeling Service

  • Initial Consultation with Free Budget Estimates

  • Thoughtful Guidance and Help For Your Project

  • Professional Design

  • Thoroughly Detailed Specifications

  • And High Quality Construction by Our Own Carpenters who care about your home

Our philosophy is that a finished basement should be an extension, or even a continuation, of the main living area of your home.  There should be a seamless transition into the basement, with the objective of maximizing use of the newly created space, based on the functional needs as defined by our clients. 

Further, a good finished product is the result of careful planning, and most importantly, meticulous execution of a good design by qualified, competent craftsmen under the direction of experienced supervision.

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